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Wasn't it Grand?

I experienced the Grand Canyon last week. I felt its presence, drank in its subdued rainbow colors, marveled at the sculpted rock formations and pondered how it all came into being. In a way, it was like falling in love. Remember? You experience "the other," and your own heart expands in that presence. You think, "Oh wow. I could stay here with you a long time and just drink you in." Maybe you're grateful: "Thank you for showing me all this; I haven't felt this way before." You take lots of pictures, hoping to capture the feelings and memories. Wasn't it grand? And then, the power sort of wears off. Even after two hours at the Grand Canyon, I hurried along in search of a restroom and lunch, less focused on the beauty around me. We do that with our relationships, too. We get caught back up in "real life" and don't slow down as often to appreciate the person who has joined us. This week, let yourself pause to really see your partner again. Really see the grand qualities that attracted you back then. Set aside your frustrations (giving you a needed break!) and experience the colorful person, those rocky and smooth traits and a loving presence that awaits. Isn't it grand?