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Marriage Counseling

Marriage CounselingFeeling distant, alone, unsupported or unloved? Have differences become a source of disagreement and frustration? Are you ready for marriage-friendly counseling or couples coaching? Are you dealing with trust issues, anger, stress or infidelity?

We can help you:

  • Resolve ongoing conflicts and disputes
  • Restore harmony and deep connection
  • Create a healthy, loving relationship that can last a lifetime

Are you on the brink of divorce? We can help you explore ways to move ahead whether together or separately. Learn to cope with feelings of grief, guilt, anger, and fear. If you have children at home, we can assist in developing a co-parenting plan so your kids feel secure.

Has an affair or cheating ruptured everything you thought you knew about your spouse? We offer a three-stage healing and recovery process (surviving the crisis, developing a new normal, mapping the future) to get through this difficult and challenging time. Our marriage-friendly counseling can also have a Christian focus if you prefer.

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Couples Counseling

Right in the first session, you and your partner will begin to learn the Imago Couples Dialogue where there's no blame, shame or criticism. Instead, you begin to rebuild trust using a respectful and effective way to talk with each other about the things that really matter. And, you will learn new skills to become better partners for each other. You will discover ways to explore your differences and negotiate solutions. As you rediscover the joy of connecting again with someone you love, you will create an emotionally safe place for lasting love together. Act now. Click on Contact Us to set up your first counseling session, or request our free article, 10 Ways to Help Your Relationship Right Now.

Considering marriage or re-marriage? Three to five sessions of pre-marital counseling are often enough to get you off to a great start with tools for a positive relationship and conflict resolution. Are you a “mid-life crisis” or pre-retirement couple? Let us assist you with ways to go beyond the empty nest, fill the bucket list, or to navigate differing goals and visions for your future.

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Counseling for Depression / Anxiety

When your relationship is on rocky ground, it is normal to feel depressed, anxious and doubt your ability to sustain a long-term partnership. If this is how you feel we can help.

Discover ways to reduce troubling thoughts and unproductive behaviors. Our solution-focused approach can help you enjoy life again.

Private individual counseling can help you manage your unique life challenges. Sometimes what looks like an individual issue is also rooted in core relationships. Our mission is to help you learn effective coping skills that heal and grow into your best self. Our caring, solution-focused approach teaches you the most effective ways of:

  • Managing depression
  • Reducing stress, grief, and anxiety
  • Making the relationship better when a partner/spouse says no to counseling
  • Healing old wounds and past hurts
  • Finding and keeping love; growing a healthy relationship

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Results You Can Live With

  • Gain insight into why you fell in, or out, of love
  • Turn frustration and anger into empathy for each other
  • Put the past in the past so you can move forward
  • Learn to be awesome partners who meet each other’s needs and desires
  • Ask for what you want without starting a fight
  • Daily relationship practices for a safe and caring relationship

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Client Information Forms

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