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Relationship Tips for a great marriage, part 1

Janna Becherer -

dance as if no one is watching 1. Give what you most want to receive without any strings attached. You have a well of love inside that is so deep it will never run dry, so go ahead and splash it around. 2. Become your partner's advocate. You are partners, not enemies. You are on the same team. Your spouse's welfare, achievements and desire to realize dreams is your lifelong project. How can you show support and encouragement today? 3. Remember that your spouse is not you. Appreciate that you and your spouse do things differently and that is okay!!! It doesn't make him or her wrong--really. Do your utmost to stay open and curious so you can discover what's going on inside that head and heart. 4. Take a break from blame, shame and defensiveness. You will both enjoy the peace and harmony that results. More to come!